Stanky Live Jams

by John E Funk & The Skunks

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12 tracks recorded live at The University of Hartford studio.
Self-produced, mixed and mastered by John E. Funk.
Our first album! It took a semester's worth of jamming!

Artwork done by Libby


released December 20, 2013

Special Thanks: Soulair Fusion, Mo-Gain Mo-Money
Album Artwork- Libby



all rights reserved


John E Funk & The Skunks Boston, Massachusetts

John E. Funk - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jameson Walsh - Bass, Vocals
Mike Azar - Drums, Vocals
Gabe Rothman - Trombone

John E Funk & The Skunks are a four-piece funk rock band currently spreading their stanky jams throughout Boston, MA. Inspired by groups like The Arctic Monkeys, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, their sound is an irresistible combination of high-energy, groovy rock n’ roll.
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Track Name: Revolution
Well I know we’ve been over this my friend
And I know we’ve been over this again
And I know we’ve been over, over, over, again
The good – go vibes are going taking you yeah

Revolution spin circles in your head
Revolution spin circles in your bed
Revolution got me spinning and taking you yeah
The good –go vibes are going taking you yeah

So we’re back in a rhythm 2, 3, 4
And we’re back on each other on the floor
And we’re back down full on heavy roar
Come at me baby yeah you know I’m ready for more
Track Name: Get Up Off Yo Feet
She said “I don’t need you” but we’re gonna help you get through, we’re gonna work it out.
I know that you’ve gone crazy, it’s plain to see that I’m gonna show you how.

What you, you know about me? Nothing, I think you owe me now.
What you, you’re doing to it, it’s playing always on my mind.

I know there’s something new here, for you to figure, to figure out.
My girl, she’s crazy and she knows we’re gonna show you how.

I said Get Up Off Of Yo Feet, show me now what you mean
Something for you to say, something new than today
Baby it’s alright, we don’t mind, we got time
What you gonna say?

What you know about her? What’s it to you? It’s over now.
We know there’s something new and, something fresh for you to howl.
Track Name: Little Story
Time for me to know why, there’s all these people
Running and a loving and a keeping all the same shit bringing me down.
They will never know it, NO! They say they’re gonna help you
It’s the same little story you play again, again, again, and again.

Bringing it on backwards now, another direction
Pointing me up down turnaround there you go leaving me flat.
Spinning me in circles, woah, said you wouldn’t do that
Makin’ me sick imam trip out now now now

One more time now, so I can sing it

Starting it all over, new, like we never had it
Picking it up where we stopped, where we left off, where to go now?
Can anybody really know all my bad habbits
On the right track to relax I don’t need them telling me how.
Track Name: Casual Affair
She wanted love, not for herself. She bring It up-town with a yell
She said boy, listen to me. It ain’t hard but it ain’t free.

I’m bursting for life, I’m gasping for air.
Caught up in my Casual Affair

I got a sense, you’ve had enough. Lets lay it out now and pick it up
He said now, give it to me. Its not enough when you got a bad hand.
Track Name: Tuck Tied (ft. Soulair Fusion)
Up down turn-around now, got me feeling like I’m going down
There’s nothing new to say so I’ll be away, It’s just the same.
Got me overdue all to you now, what ya gonna do? What’s it to you?
It’s a shame anyway… It’s in the way

But it’s the same, always until you keep me out today
Cuz it’s the same, always, so I wanted something I wanted you to change my way

Got me Tuck Tied back to back now, got me feeling like I’m under attack
She strings me up into it now we’re going back where we’re from. Look what you’ve done.
And it’s always on me, never you never the three
It’s something for us to work it out going down. All that counts.
Track Name: Always The Same
What do you know, coming back
You leave me under, you leave me flat
Something new that it never was
What do you get when it’s all or none?

Because I wanted to say…
I wanted a change…
In a way it’s Always The Same

What do you get when you leave me out?
I’m not there and you’re on without
And it’s something for you to think about
When you’re alone and when you’re in doubt

Whatever comes when it’s too rough
Always new like it was in that
She said to me, “Have you had enough?”
I’m not sure if you let me know
Track Name: Choose With Your Head
It was a cold night for being used
To run away from the afternoon
And now it hurts such, ya can't refuse
I got a day left, or maybe two

Submission, till' you Choose what you do With Your Head
Till' you Choose what you do, are you spent

My body aches like it's out of fuel
I'm close to 'E' when I'm next to you
They say "She means well" , but what's the use
I got a day left or maybe two
Track Name: Back Inside
Now I'm trying to remember your name
But what all comes to mind is the look on your face.
I better go back the same way that I came
Give me a direction turn me over again
Now I'm running over your head
Going back and forth over all the same old shit.
Push off the hinge to free you off of the track
Out of my way before I turn right back.

Now I'm starting right over again
With you on my mind girl there's no way I can win.
Give me just a minute. I'll figure you out
Hold on tight I hear you scream and shout.
Now if you, could you, help me explain
All these feelings and thoughts running through my brain
Give me just one try I know you'll see
There's nothing for you here I gotta set you free.

An open ended sign tells me no
Something in your eyes is screaming GO GO GO GO
It's tough to realize that this is all
If what you want is me, let it show

Now I'm giving you back all I took
I'll give you back everything, give you back that look
What more do you want from me I don't know
Somethings gotta give, gotta let me know
So one more time I'm gonna try
Gonna get up in your world, get up in your mind
There's much more to me than is meeting the eye
I'll bring you on Back, show you whats Inside.
Track Name: Crawling To You
You wanted something, it just ain't right
She keeps it up town every single night
Cuz I'm Crawling to You
And I'm off the wall

You're seeing faces deep in the night
She keeps it up town every single night
Cuz I'm Crawling to You
And I'm off the wall

And I wanted to say, what you mean to me
It's beginning to shade, what you mean to me
Track Name: Shakin' That Thang
Shakin' that thang all night gotta gimme a go
I know you wanted more but I still said no
And now she's struttin' aound like she got something to say
Maybe it's better off I don't go that way

And now we're going back down into it like we never had
Said that it was alright, but ya still got mad
And now she's going around with some brand new friends
Brand new friends I must admit I can't contend with

And I know it's all mine
I tried so hard to make you see that
And I know you're all mine
I tried so hard to make you see that
Track Name: Knees
She said all she wanted was you
We know that none of it's true
So you should figure it out, cut me in,
Show me up now like a sin
She said all she wanted was you

Until you get down on your knees and you cry
And you make me come back you make me realize
Sometimes it gets harder to try
But we're gonna do it now and every other time

She said that none of it's true
We got some shit to unglue
So you should figure it out, call me in
Show me up now like a sin
She said that none of it's true